Misha Meghna

‘Orange crush’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Misha Meghna / Art director: Misha Meghna / Model: Ann-Marie Hoang / Stylist: Ann-Marie Hoang / Photographer assistant: Camille
Orange crush: 1/9
Orange crush: 2/9
Orange crush: 3/9
Orange crush: 4/9
Orange crush: 5/9
Orange crush: 6/9
Orange crush: 7/9
Orange crush: 8/9
Orange crush: 9/9

Misha Meghna ‘Orange crush’

One of my favourite shoots to date, here is ‘Orange crush’ starring my new girl crush Ann-Marie Hoang, shot by the incredibly talented Misha Meghna.

“Simple as the day can be, with a crying baby & all. A team of two creatives put together created something true to both of our styles, aesthetics & influences.”



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