Cole Hutzler

‘Orange you glad’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Cole Hutzler / Model: Kelby Adams / Stylist: Kelby Adams / Make-up Artist: Kelby Adams
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Cole Hutzler ‘Orange you glad’

Cole Hutzler meets his friend & muse, Kelby Adams for an impromptu shoot in the local grocery store.

“It was very spontaneous to say the least. Kelby is one of my best hometown friends, & we were just catching up while I was visiting. He suggested we do a shoot cause it had been a while since we had made some art together (he used to be the MUA for all of my shoots before I move to LA). That being said, I came to his house & he had already put together the makeup & the outfit knowing very well he wanted to do the shoot in a grocery store, so that is exactly what we did.”



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