Joshua Paul

‘Our own private island’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Joshua Paul / Model: Cameron Brielle / Stylist: Joshua Paul
Our own private island: 1/6
Our own private island: 2/6
Our own private island: 3/6
Our own private island: 4/6
Our own private island: 5/6
Our own private island: 6/6

Joshua Paul ‘Our own private island’

On a windy, choppy day by the water on the East Coast of the United States, young traveling photographer, Joshua Paul meets his gorgeous muse, for his latest feature.

“Cam & I set out on an adventure, climbing around the rocks high above the ocean, seeking a perfect shot, her curly golden brown hair flowing in the wind, my finger tips bright red from the chill of the January air.”



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