Lenni the label

‘Our utopia’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Production: Lenni the label / Photographer: Brett Rutkowski / Model: Tahlia Moffitt / Make-up Artist: Maddi Morrell / Wardrobe: Lenni the label / Stylist: Lenni the label
Our utopia: 1/16
Our utopia: 2/16
Our utopia: 3/16
Our utopia: 4/16
Our utopia: 5/16
Our utopia: 6/16
Our utopia: 7/16
Our utopia: 8/16
Our utopia: 9/16
Our utopia: 10/16
Our utopia: 11/16
Our utopia: 12/16
Our utopia: 13/16
Our utopia: 14/16
Our utopia: 15/16
Our utopia: 16/16

Lenni the label ‘Our utopia’

I first laid eyes on Lenni’s latest incredible Collection when we featured their ‘Burning Gold’ editorial look book up on here a couple months ago. Now they are serving up this latest magic collection in a whole new light. Here is what lenni told us about the shoot…

“Running a business from a small town can have it’s ups and downs. Not having the access to other people who are living the same world can make you feel a little isolated. But, being in my own world without the influence of outside voices, home is the perfect place for me to truly create & get shit done. We wanted to serve up the latest Burning Gold collection in a new light, our hometown, the magic & our utopia.

I absolutely can relate since we are also based in a small coastal town not too far from the Lenni HQ. Never think you have to live in a big city to make big shit happen. That’s what the internet & aeroplanes are for 🙂




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