Mellise Dantas


by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Mellise Dantas / Model: Gabrielle Joie / Stylist: Fabrizzia de Toni
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P.E: 5/5

Mellise Dantas ‘P.E’

As if taking awesome photos isn’t enough, São Paulo creative, Mellise Dantas also develops all of her own film, runs her own clothing brand & manages her online store. For her debut feature, she teamed up with stylist, Fabrizzia de Toni & muse, Gabrielle Joie on a Monday morning.

“Fabrizzia & I wanted to take some pictures for our clothing brands, Neptunia & Loleeta. I’ve always wanted to shoot in my university gym. We created a character for our model, a first year student having fun after class, & she played along naturally. The way she looks through the lenses is captivating, it’s as though she’s keeping secrets & I want to find out what they are!”

Wardrobe; Neptunia, Loleeta Saloon 33.



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