Lauren Marie

‘Pale Breeze’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Lauren Marie / Model: Alexandra Sweiss
Pale Breeze: 1/8
Pale Breeze: 2/8
Pale Breeze: 3/8
Pale Breeze: 4/8
Pale Breeze: 5/8
Pale Breeze: 6/8
Pale Breeze: 7/8
Pale Breeze: 8/8

Lauren Marie ‘Pale Breeze’

When you think of a partial nude shoot you don’t often think of a topless photographer. But if you are shooting on a nude beach, then why not right? Sounds like dreamy working conditions to me. ‘Pale Breeze’ is our latest gorgeous series from San Diego photographer, Lauren Marie.

“We went to Black’s beach in San Diego because we had the option to legally get fully nude! I ended up shooting topless myself, which was delightful. We wanted a shoot that captured the coming winter in San Diego, although it barely gets colder, but it was a nice change from just shooting bikini shots on the beach.”



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