Sharokh Mirzai

‘Pam & I’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Sharokh Mirzai / Model: Pamela Fogaca
Pam & I: 1/11
Pam & I: 2/11
Pam & I: 3/11
Pam & I: 4/11
Pam & I: 5/11
Pam & I: 6/11
Pam & I: 7/11
Pam & I: 8/11
Pam & I: 9/11
Pam & I: 10/11
Pam & I: 11/11

Sharokh Mirzai ‘Pam & I’

‘Pam & I’ is a collaboration out of NYC, by freelance film photographer, Sharokh Mirzai & Brazilian professional babe, Pamela Fogaca. Obvi I love this!

“Pamala first contacted me a few months ago. She was back in NYC from Milan. When we met it was a slow magic. She smoked cigs while I loaded film. It almost caught me off guard, the way she was, castings spells…

The witch in the woman comes in your dreams and ashes on your bed. Then she haunts you. Lucky you.”



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