Fabrizio Zetup

‘Paranormal activity’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Fabrizio Zetup / Model: Miriam Tigre / Model:  Giorgia Pins / Model: K.O
Paranormal activity: 1/5
Paranormal activity: 2/5
Paranormal activity: 3/5
Paranormal activity: 4/5
Paranormal activity: 5/5

Fabrizio Zetup ‘Paranormal activity’

Three girls in an Asian motel, three filmmakers, one paranormal activity. Fabrizio Zetup describes a world of extrasensory experiences; where fantasy and reality melt together within the walls of an Asian motel. Inside the imagination a dark entity thrives, coming into contact with the oniric world of the three girls. It brings them to deal with extrasensory experiences that will profoundly mark their ID.



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