Ophelie Rondeau

‘Party of two’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

17 photographs.
Photographer: Ophelie Rondeau / Production: Johannes Tito-Göhlich / Assistant: Ruben Riermeier / Rita Braz / Model: Rebecca Hiller / Model: Melina Martin
Party of two: 1/17
Party of two: 2/17
Party of two: 3/17
Party of two: 4/17
Party of two: 5/17
Party of two: 6/17
Party of two: 7/17
Party of two: 8/17
Party of two: 9/17
Party of two: 10/17
Party of two: 11/17
Party of two: 12/17
Party of two: 13/17
Party of two: 14/17
Party of two: 15/17
Party of two: 16/17
Party of two: 17/17

Ophelie Rondeau ‘Party of two’

We have been watching French, now London based photographer, Ophélie Rondeau kick ass since she first started taking photos at the beginning of this year. Actually we posted up her very first shoot! Please bare with us while we continue to upload content to this fresh to death site. That one’s not up yet.

For now here is one of Ophélie’s latest projects titled ‘Party of two’, shot in Berlin with an amazing team for Even & Odd. Absolutely adore this & very relevant since we are also having a party of two tonight as we watch this site go live. Probably more like a lounge room disco. & let’s be honest it will most likely all go down to Justin Beiber’s new album. We secretly love him 🙂



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