Hana Zebzabi

‘Pay phone’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Hana Zebzabi / Model: Chavi St Hill
Pay phone: 1/7
Pay phone: 2/7
Pay phone: 3/7
Pay phone: 4/7
Pay phone: 5/7
Pay phone: 6/7
Pay phone: 7/7

Hana Zebzabi ‘Pay phone’

Fast being recognised for her unique twist on cult cinema & 90’s Hollywood imagery, Hana Zebzabi’s style is undeniably her own. Her photographs reflect a fresh, cinematic brand of drama with a distinct focus on the modern human condition. For her debut series, Hana meets her muse in NYC.

“We just wanted to show the countless emotions & moods that a simple phone call from a phone box can entail. Chavi is an outstanding human being inside & out who isn’t afraid to be emotive in her art. Having only met her that day for around 40 minutes, our chemistry & relationship was effortless creating one of my favourite sets yet.”



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