Peculiar: 1/17 Peculiar: 1/17
Peculiar: 2/17 Peculiar: 2/17
Peculiar: 3/17 Peculiar: 3/17
Peculiar: 4/17 Peculiar: 4/17
Peculiar: 5/17 Peculiar: 5/17
Peculiar: 6/17 Peculiar: 6/17
Peculiar: 7/17 Peculiar: 7/17
Peculiar: 8/17 Peculiar: 8/17
Peculiar: 9/17 Peculiar: 9/17
Peculiar: 10/17 Peculiar: 10/17
Peculiar: 11/17 Peculiar: 11/17
Peculiar: 12/17 Peculiar: 12/17
Peculiar: 13/17 Peculiar: 13/17
Peculiar: 14/17 Peculiar: 14/17
Peculiar: 15/17 Peculiar: 15/17
Peculiar: 16/17 Peculiar: 16/17
Peculiar: 17/17 Peculiar: 17/17

Steph Segarra ‘Peculiar’

I get super excited every time an email from Steph Segarra comes through & it’s not hard to see why. Steph has her own brand of cool & she stamps it all over everything she does. Inspired by some rad af pieces she received from London based brand MINGA, here is ‘Peculiar’ starring Puertorrican bb, Natalia Perez Roth.

“I’m obsessed with finding peculiar locations. When I saw the abandoned ‘corner bar’ sign it reminded me of an American 80’s movie. I also loved the kitschiness of the tire workshop, or gomera which is the name in Spanish. I like to play with the idea of having fashion that’s influenced by the internet & global counter-culture mixed with local, urban, sometimes even gritty, but always colourful settings. It’s an idea I’ve been playing with for a while. This time I gave it a go with the help of new muse.”



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