by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Snaema / Model: Andreanna
Pedestrian: 1/16
Pedestrian: 2/16
Pedestrian: 3/16
Pedestrian: 4/16
Pedestrian: 5/16
Pedestrian: 6/16
Pedestrian: 7/16
Pedestrian: 8/16
Pedestrian: 9/16
Pedestrian: 10/16
Pedestrian: 11/16
Pedestrian: 12/16
Pedestrian: 13/16
Pedestrian: 14/16
Pedestrian: 15/16
Pedestrian: 16/16

Snaema ‘Pedestrian’

For his debut series Munich based artist, photographer & illustrator Snaema met with his muse Andreanna on his last weekend in NYC.

“I met up with Andreanna to take some photos in her Bushwick apartment. The neighbourhood still holds a lot of its culture & the industrial scene is just a walk down the street. We talked about her music & modelling & my life in Germany. It can be nerve-wracking but often beautiful meeting people on the internet. A lot of the time, you never know exactly who you’re going to meet. We actually got along very well, & it reflects in the photos.”



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