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Sander Dekker ‘Perks’

Sander Dekker & roommate Marisa Grifhorst head to the coast of Spain for their awesome collaboration.

“Recently I lived with a new roommate who came with a nice perk. Her parents own a home in the vicinity of the coast of Spain. From the airport it was 40 minutes drive inland, of which 20 minutes through the vineyards & deserted acres of land. We arrived at the villa. Abandoned from city noise, people & stress the place felt free of time. When the evening fell after we had consumed some of the local delicacies, the camera came out of the bag while we enjoyed the surroundings of the house. Before we headed back to Amsterdam, we printed our favourite photo & hung it on the wall of the villa to leave a memory behind for the next time.

#spain #home #house #yard #night #flash #film #quirky



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