Pershing Dr: 1/4 Pershing Dr: 1/4
Pershing Dr: 2/4 Pershing Dr: 2/4
Pershing Dr: 3/4 Pershing Dr: 3/4
Pershing Dr: 4/4 Pershing Dr: 4/4

Matt Hartz ‘Pershing Dr’

LA photographer Matt Hartz teams up with Nina Pollutri for his latest vintage inspired feature. This is ‘Pershing Dr’.

Nina & I got introduced by a mutual friend while she was visiting LA from Philly. After getting skunked by poor weather during our 1st attempt, Nina & I met up outside my work in Playa Vista for a quick, casual, test shoot with just the 2 of us. We borrowed my buddy’s 1979 MG Midget & drove around a bit, stopping at a few locations & shooting along the way. Gotta say, shooting while driving a manual ’79 midget with no power steering was super fun.”



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