Ahmed Hassan

‘Face it’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Photographer: Ahmed Hassan

About Ahmed Hassan

Fashion photographer based in London.

“It isn’t rare for a photographer to have to produce the concept, create the set, paint the backdrops, do the hair & make up as well the styling. It’s a huge feat, but I love it. My concepts always spring from high drama & fantasy. I would describe my photos as more often than not featuring women illuminated by bright beams of colour, with sequins & platinum heads glinting, styled as disco-era glamazons (painted faces, towering heels, mesh shirts, and bleached hair) and ready to live. After all the thrill and glitter, I find it imperative to create an environment where interacting with the model doesn’t feel intrusive but can still feel close. When the models approach the set, I encourage them to express any emotion they want, whether it be cold, indifferent, glee, or even just a fierce glare. I want it to be true. That way, it doesn’t feel one-sided, but the models help in bringing their truth to life.”

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