Andrew Ho


by: Ainsley Hutchence

Photographer: Andrew Ho / Stylist: Andrea Lewin / Model: Acacia Gibbs / Make-up Artist: Melanie Cook / Hair: Abbie Barclay

About Andrew Ho

Andrew studied Visual Arts and worked for the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art for a number of years. His passion for painting and drawing was rediscovered in photography. He is a self-taught photographer striving to show his audience the way he perceives his subjects and surroundings. He uses light and shadow contrasts to create depth and colours to create mood. His area of expertise is fashion photography. Andrew enjoys experimenting with lights and has acknowledged that the digital camera and software has assisted in taking his photography skills to a whole new level. Andrew does not believe in settling into a style. He is on a constant journey of discovering ways to express his vision and to excite his audience.

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