About Anna Alferova

My name is Anna Alferova and I’m a professional photographer with more than six year of experience. I graduated Moscow State University with a diploma on history of photography, which made me a specialist in visual sources. Thus both theory and practice of photographic kitchen are well-known for me.I work in different genres: portrait, documentary, wedding and family photography, promotional, object and interior. But as you can see, portrait, especially candid is my favourite.

I am convinced that photography can speak and it speaks more eloquent than a text. And my main purpose is to bring this information to the viewer in aesthetic and approachable form. In my works I pay a lot of attention to light and, of course, color.

I believe that traveling is an eye-opener. That’s why you’d rather find me on the road somewhere in Asia than in my hometown, Moscow. But wherever the road brings me, I’m always happy to collaborate!

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