About Beatrice Santangelo

’m Beatrice and I was born in Sicily, I lived in different cities in Italy but I spent most of the time of my life in Milan.

I’m a solo traveler and I had the urgency to go far away to catch myself.
In one week without plans and with a little amount of money I decided to leave and I didn’t come back for one year.
I had been around Asia and Australia and during this adventure I deeply understood how much photography is important to me and to express myself.

I’m a dreamer and I love creating stories around my art, I have a kinesthetic approach then I’m inspired from life.
Music, wind through my hair, smell of salt everything that help me to feel my heartbeat and especially light are my muses.

Nature and female body are my main inspiration because I think there is something strong which spiritually connects everything and everyone in one soul and our bodies are our temples.

I think in a gentle way it is possible to shake the world.
Beauty and Art will save us.

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