About Cindy Clark

Girlwolf (Cindy Clark) is a photographer, model, and singer in a progressive grunge band called Earthsleep.
She studied Photography in Flagstaff Arizona at Northern Arizona University where she earned her Bachelor’s. Immediately upon graduating she regressed to her birth place, Los Angeles, CA.

The thread that unites her three most prominent art forms is music.
She most commonly shoots portraiture of musicians, as well as lifestyle shots.
Stylistically she gravitates toward hues of bright blue which she identifies with the ocean and sky.
Her portraits are usually simultaneously environmental in nature as she likes to unite the world of the imagination within a human to the tangible world that surrounds them.

Her images and lyrics are often ambivalent, stemming from her own struggles with mental illness, primarily Bipolar Disorder.

She also struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, ADHD, and PTSD.
She is an advocate for mental health awareness through openness.
Without her stormy nature, the art she creates would not be possible.
Art is her purpose. Girlwolf will always fight.

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