About Clement Decoster

My name is Clement Decoster, I live in Lille, in the north of France, next to Lille. I am a freelance photographer for 5 years. I have an artistic background from drawing, painting, art history, the whole graphic chain leading from the image to the impression.

It is a common whole that serves me in my work. I find my inspirations through various universes such as fashion, skate, streetswear, rap, sport, cinema & music. My photo activity is in the image of my inspirations, I have the chance to live from my hobby & my passions every day. I always had an attraction for originality, through the less common styles such as the middle of hardcore metal, which is my source of inspiration & my daily motivation to this day. Over time, fashion photography is my favourite activity, it has risen to me and I find a source of inspiration, constant creativity that allows me to have fun, to meet new people, New heads to fill my pokedex.

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