David Collier

‘Room 226 (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Photographer: David Collier / Model: Aim Stage / Stylist: David Collier / Stylist: Natalie Robinson / Assistant: Natalie Robinson

About David Collier

I remember taking a few photos in my early teens with an Olympus OM1 film camera and I really did not know how to use it back then.

After a few year absence I remember working with a mate in 2009 who was really into photography and cameras. After about 6 months of hearing about cameras and photos every day, I went out and purchased a digital camera and literally shot every thing that I saw.

Perhaps that was more quantity than quality but I remember getting a few good ones and it all started from there.

Since then I work mainly on my own personal projects as well as some selective commercial jobs as well as travelling lots. I rarely make firm plans but my main plan is to have a good time and shoot what ever I see while I am away.

A few years later my ideas have taken on and created more motion work and projects which have their own challenges as well as rewards.

Coming full circle back to my early youth, I still love to use film cameras and old school super 8 motion film which has its own look and craft but complements things with digital imagery.
I don’t mind the wait for film to come back from the lab, it’s not the world we live in now with everything we do is instant and need it now! I think it is the anticipation of what you might get back keeps me addicted.

The enjoyment for me is to create images and motion projects that I like and are proud of first and if other people also like it, that’s a bonus.

I am available for selective commissioned photographic and motion projects so please feel free to make contact.

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