About Edward Rivera

My real creative and professional background is in music; having worked as a sound recording engineer and producer in Los Angeles and New York. Before that, playing music in underground punk scenes or touring with artists. Music’s the only thing I’ve known since I was 7 years old. I think this kind of upbringing gave me an appreciation for art that was grounded in its presentation yet strong without being flashy and affected. When it comes to being a purist, I can be a bit of a dick about the subject.

Already a decade into my career, the major label paradigm collapsed, and these big wig recording studios bankrupted themselves. Engineers like myself had to find new jobs. I sold my equipment and indulged my hobby for backpacking…and while making my way to Japan from Myanmar, I noticed an impulse to photograph things and people.

So I bought a camera at the end of 2016 and after shooting with some friends (luckily they were signed models) I shortly was contacted for testing by agencies in NYC, London, and Paris. To me, New York was losing its edge, so I left the states to concentrate on photography in Europe and since then have kept busy with editorial and backstage work, while assisting some amazingly talented photographers who’ve been very generous and informative.

It’s all been very surreal, I’m lucky that I could change my career in a traditionally late age, exploring a new medium and having it be received by people I admire.

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