About Freddy Tyler Paul

Freddy Tyler Paul is a recording artist, music producer, photographer, & part-time model. Growing up in Chicago, IL, Freddy got his creative start pursuing filmmaking in high school. However, his passions quickly shifted into the world of songwriting after starting and leading a popular local band in the Chicago area. Freddy quickly earned a degree in music theory and audio-engineering over the course of his college career, allowing him to produce at a higher caliber on his own. During this time, he honed his skills as a photographer, filmmaker, and music producer developing other artists in the Chicago area. With his band parting ways in early 2020, this gave him the newfound opportunity to refresh his creativity on the west coast. Since then, Freddy’s been carving out a production clientele and fan-base in LA following the release of his debut-solo-album, all the while developing a reputation for being a vibrant portrait-photographer in Southern California, a balancing act he gladly welcomes.

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