About Jeff Stockwell

Jeff Stockwell is an American photographer based in Long Beach, Calif.

At 19, Jeff became a professional Skater, influencing the sport with his trademark clean and fluid styling. The allure of this profession was the ability to travel the globe as a young man.

During his nine years as pro, he traveled to nearly 30 countries, which began his passion to document the varying and vast scenery he traversed with wheels under his feet.

Jeff’s photography style is minimalistic and clean, inspired by the golden years of film photography. Each photo is built with painstaking attention to detail and a tireless dedication to get the right shot, no matter the lengths it takes.

Jeff’s photographs reflect his love of the California sunshine, using it to not only light his subjects, but be a center character in a photograph.

Much of his work centers on slices of Americana, including how we identify ourselves by the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, and the land we inhabit. From the great American road trip in a VW bus to the twisting through the mountains on a motorcycle, his photos are intimate moments of shared experiences.

Jeff enjoys collaborating with other creatives who pride themselves on flawless end results.

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