Joaquin Burgueño


by: Ainsley Hutchence

Photographer: Joaquin Burgueño / Model: Alba Rosso / Stylist: Joaquin Burgueño

About Joaquin Burgueño

Joaquin Burgueño is a Fashion photographer born on the 1992 in Barcelona, based in the Canary Islands since 2007 where he inspires himself through the amazing landscapes of the islands finding his passion in 2009, since then Joaquin has been improving his photography knowledge by himself, until he was 18, when he decided to move on to Barcelona and learn more about his future vocation.

Nowadays, he has a great sense of Fashion where he shows it playing around as an stylist and photographer, doing some personal work, publishing all his work on different magazines all around the world like,Vogue Italy, Vanity Teen, Solis magazine, Kaltblut magazine,Self-control mag, Rocket magazine, Nakid magazine, the Fashionisto, and so a large list of names.

Although this isn’t an easy world, Joaquin is building confidence step by step showing it in his photoshoots, reaching the wished level and aspiring to have a successful career in the fashion photography world.

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