About Kiera Chevell

Kiera laughs out loud at people who ask which Instagram filter to use.
Kiera once threatened to disown someone that gave her a fisheye lens for an iPhone camera.
This Halloween, Kiera dressed as a Foveon X3 Sensor, nobody got it.
Kiera’s favourite shop is Photoshop. If digital photography had not become the standard, Kiera would drink developer and fixer and eat emulsion paper in a dark room.

Kiera will tell you, without a hint of irony, that a picture is worth a thousand words like she came up with the saying. Kiera is plagued by the notion that the only person she may never photograph perfectly, is herself. Kiera was not allowed to write this herself because she insisted on using the phrase ‘expose yourself’.

Kiera knows her sh*t and she’s ready at any given moment to snap a frame.

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