About Oliver Sutton

I am a South African photographer living in Capetown. I grew up in a natural, organic environment with hippie parents in the film industry. I’ve never been interested in glamorous or narcissistic images, preferring natural and authentic visuals. Having lived in London I learned that I prefer to shoot in nature with pure sunlight rather than to spend days in the studio. My film style took off quite well so I shot studio and magazine stuff, but found my niche working with ethical and sustainable brands, mostly swimwear and beachwear near the ocean.
I am seeking spontaneous and honest moments, and prefer the process of shooting more than the end photo as i find it connecting and cathartic for me with the team/model. Mostly i work alone with the model, giving in to the environment and weather, making it an adventure and a unique experience. I love the creativity that it affords, mostly connecting in moments, anticipating the exact frequency and moment to capture an honest image. I think that images we are often exposed to can lie about the experience giving a false memory. if you look at selfies, group photos etc. generally those images are posed, eliminating the true memory of the experience. When I shoot – even though I am creative director, make-up artist, stylist and photographer in most of my work – I still wait for the breathtaking moment, that frequency that takes perfect anticipation, when I can just capture something spontaneously, in the moment, rather than choreograph or compose an image.

I look for light, shadows, and interference between the subject and the lens that can convey a mood. With a feeling of immediate connection, combined with intimacy. Intimacy in that the viewer can observe my images, hopefully, that they can feel they were part of the experience, and that the model has shared some truth of who they are, grown comfortable with expression and being free. It is a great privilege to give the world some light and images to feel a little something, when mostly we are searching for connection.

I have lectured in London on philosophy, art direction and photography at Ravensbourne University and Central St Martins.

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