About Sandra Nagel

My name is Sandra Nagel, I am a photographer and Art-Director from Cape Town, South Africa. My work has been featured on Feminist, Girlgaze and Vogue Italia. I have also been commissioned by Instagram and Converse for photographic work. I specialise in 35mm and medium format film photography as I feel as if the medium is extremely intimate and the process is a lot slower than digital photography.

In 2020 I started my ongoing series called ‘What makes us strong’. With South Africa being the rape capital of the world. Every 29 seconds a woman in South Africa is raped, with 50% of South Africa’s children being abused before the age of 18. After protesting for a month in 2019 after the death of someone close to me, Uyinene Mrwetyana, I wanted to make a positive change and focused on inspiring and celebrating the beautiful people around me. I wanted to bring light to issues such as the male gaze which is so prevalent in the industry and create a unique gaze that represents people for who they are rather than the sexualisation of women, queer and non-binary people.

I aimed at uplifting, empowering and celebrating women, queer people and non-binary people. I created the first Issue of WMUS, giving the proceeds to The Women’s Legal Centre, an organisation that gives legal aid to mainly Black women in South Africa.

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