About Sarah Bahbah

Whilst starting her career as a festival and music photographer documenting artists at a local and international capacity, over the years Sarah Bahbah (also known as Raised by the Wolves) has evolved her presence in the industry by further establishing her role as an influencer in pop culture and as an artist.

With the release of art projects Songs To Break Up To for Ta-Ku, The Wild Ones and most recently, viral success; Sex and Takeout, Sarah has made a name for herself on both a national and international level, exhibiting in several art fares and galleries across New York, San Francisco, Miami, London, Tel Aviv, Istanbul and Australia, and has been crowned “Best Instagrammer” by publications such as Nylon Magazine and Elite Daily. Furthermore in 2015 Sarah was nominated as one of the top 6 digital influencers of Australia,in photography and travel by Pedestrian TV as part of the Blogster Awards.

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