About Sarah Eiseman

27 year old, chick, living in Texas. Therapist by day and feeler of emotions by night. I carry a camera in every purse I own and typically just shoot who I’m spending time with. I have learned that set-up shoots or things that don’t give me much creative freedom, just really aren’t my thing. I like organic experiences and the same can be said for my photos. In my world – If I’m not traveling, nothing is better than spending my days, editing photos, drinking wine, & listening to Beach House with my dog or someone I love. I’m constantly trying to find the balance for everything in life. With that, I have found that shooting photos and writing (for me) , have become the greatest release from life and vehicle for personal growth. My styles and inspirations are always changing year to year but notably right along side my emotions. I always hope that my creations are both a memory for my moments in time & hopefully relatable to others in a way that just… makes other people feel comfort, happiness, and understanding of both the light and dark in our existence.

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