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About Steph Doran

Steph first encountered photography in the form of her mother’s film camera when she took her first family portrait, in which every person posing was only visible from the neck down. She has since refined her technique considerably, excelling in VCE Studio Arts (Photography) in 2008, and completing the Advanced Diploma of Photography at Photography Studies College, where she majored in Commercial Photography.

Steph is currently a freelance photographer, operating out of Blue Tree Studios in Port Melbourne. She shoots for a range of clients, including fashion designers, restaurants, and corporates. However her true passion lies in conceptual photography, where her love of working with narrative comes to life. Steph’s personal work is creative and artistic, and often riddled with metaphor. With a background in drawing and painting, she is also able to incorporate mixed media into her work, creating quirky, eye-catching pieces that reach beyond the photographic realm.

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