Sven Kristian


by: Ainsley Hutchence

Photographer: Sven Kristian / Model: Karlotta Jensen / Stylist: Lindi Nieuwoudt / HMUA: Inga Hewett

About Sven Kristian

Sven Kristian is a Namibian born freelance fashion, portrait, advertising and conceptual photographer now based in Cape Town, South Africa.

His journey started off with a bland career in Hotel Management that lasted for over 10 years. His beautiful rollercoaster ride of a career as a freelance photographer kicked off in 2013 after returning from the United Kingdom in 2011 to study the field.
Sven continues to see himself as a student not wanting to stop learning new things and feels that by educating himself constantly he drives himself to become better as a photographer and always moving forward in reaching new creative heights.

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