About Tess Leopold

Tess Leoplold is a Northern NSW based photographer breaking into the creative scene with a unique vision.

Studying a Bachelor Of Digital Media with a Film Heritage, Studio & Fine Art background Tess has the foundations of knowledge most great photographers possess, but it’s her personal inspirations & hands on work that shape her intriguing style & approach.

Being consistently inspired by her surroundings Tess takes the raw elements of life with her own insight & allows it to flow into her work. It’s the core of the human condition, the abundant beauty of nature & perpetual uses of light.

With an eye to truly capture the unseen Tess embraces the surroundings and vibrations of what surrounds her subject in a calm, ambiguous form complementing subtle detail from a unique perspective.

Moving into her strong future as a photographer Tess is an open book absorbing the essence of travel, adventure, human relationship, nature & engaging other inspiring photographic talent with aspirations in the fashion and environmental portraiture field.

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