Petrichor: 1/10 Petrichor: 1/10
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Petrichor: 10/10 Petrichor: 10/10

Berkley Vopnfjord ‘Petrichor’

Set in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, Petrichor is our debut series from Vancouver Island girl, Berkley Vopnfjord.

“There’s something so freeing about the pouring rain in a tropical climate. I love watching it beat into the hot earth, allowing every surface to breathe, emanating that familiar petrichor. Instead of running to take cover, I told Hailey to keep going as the clouds became too heavy to hold it together, knowing these would be some of my favourite & possibly last images taken with my Pentax K1000.”

Brands featured; Its Mary Young, Static swimwear, Bees & Bones.



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