Kevin Bennett

‘Petroleum & romance’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Kevin Bennett
Petroleum & romance: 1/5
Petroleum & romance: 2/5
Petroleum & romance: 3/5
Petroleum & romance: 4/5
Petroleum & romance: 5/5

Kevin Bennett ‘Petroleum & romance’

Kevin Bennett is a commercial director & photographer whose work makes you wanna run down the street naked. His images merge sophistication with youthfulness, edginess, playfulness & zero fuck giving. Kevin grew up in a small town in rural Virginia (the kind of place where you learn to invent your own fun), & cut his teeth holding the camera while his cooler, older brothers did amazing skate tricks. These days his unique style has taken him all across the globe working with a wide variety of brands.

Today it is a pleasure to showcase a handful of my faves from his vast stunning collection.

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