Photo-Me: 1/7 Photo-Me: 1/7
Photo-Me: 2/7 Photo-Me: 2/7
Photo-Me: 3/7 Photo-Me: 3/7
Photo-Me: 4/7 Photo-Me: 4/7
Photo-Me: 5/7 Photo-Me: 5/7
Photo-Me: 6/7 Photo-Me: 6/7
Photo-Me: 7/7 Photo-Me: 7/7

Sian Ashleigh ‘Photo-Me’

While the rest of Australia is at Byron Bay experiencing the best Splendour festival line up yet, I sit here on a Friday night blogging to Netflix, thankfully accompanied by Sebastien (husband) in his matching pink fluffy night gown. That’s how committed we are you guys!

‘Photo-Me’ is our debut feature from Sian Ashleigh starring Christie Bradshaw.

“Shooting with christie is like shooting with a long time girlfriend. I met her in wales, straight off the train, & we immediately got talking & headed straight into town. We shot while we had coffee, walked about the shopping centres, took secret pics in changing rooms & sneakily undressed in photo booths right next to where a stunned looking teenager was selling ice-cream. Which we also partook of.”



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