Megan-Magdalena Bourne

‘Photos, then tacos’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Megan-Magdalena Bourne / Model: Juliann McCandless
Photos, then tacos: 1/6
Photos, then tacos: 2/6
Photos, then tacos: 3/6
Photos, then tacos: 4/6
Photos, then tacos: 5/6
Photos, then tacos: 6/6

Megan-Magdalena Bourne ‘Photos, then tacos’

Fresh off the plane from Vancouver, Megan-Magdalena Bourne met with LA creative & friend, Juliann McCandless.

“Juliann & I have known each other for a decade now, but we only recently started collaborating together. We shot this story in & around her home in Los Angeles & then we went for tacos. I’ve always admired the work that Juliann has done in fashion, so being able to create with her is a dream.”



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