Lenni the label

‘Physical fantasy’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Production: Lenni the label / Photographer: Dana Trippe / Model: Keira Walker / Stylist: Lenni the label / Wardrobe: Lenni the label
Physical fantasy: 1/9
Physical fantasy: 2/9
Physical fantasy: 3/9
Physical fantasy: 4/9
Physical fantasy: 5/9
Physical fantasy: 6/9
Physical fantasy: 7/9
Physical fantasy: 8/9
Physical fantasy: 9/9

Lenni the label ‘Physical fantasy’

The brains behind one of my favourite Australian brands, Lenni has teamed up with San Diego film photographer, Dana Trippe & obviously the result would be nothing short of magical. This is ‘Physical fantasy’ starring Keira Walker.

“We found two long haired girls to bring it to life on the coast of Lisa’s hometown. The afternoon was balmy, hazy & warm & sparked just the right magic to make these pictures.”



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