Pink: 1/10 Pink: 1/10
Pink: 2/10 Pink: 2/10
Pink: 3/10 Pink: 3/10
Pink: 4/10 Pink: 4/10
Pink: 5/10 Pink: 5/10
Pink: 6/10 Pink: 6/10
Pink: 7/10 Pink: 7/10
Pink: 8/10 Pink: 8/10
Pink: 9/10 Pink: 9/10
Pink: 10/10 Pink: 10/10

Desiree Cremona ‘Pink’

London based Australian photographer, Desiree Cremona presents her debut feature continuing along the lines of her running theme, exploring the different degrees of femininity, this time, trying not to shy away from the softness & “pink” that usually follow the word. Instead, embracing it.

“Freyja was definitely the star of this shoot. I fell in love with her softness instantly, the same way I do with girls who aren’t afraid to be not pretty. between putting glycerine on her face, to almost throwing up glitter, she didn’t complain once (even though she probably should have).”

Featured brands; Peaches & cream lingerie, Hirashah, Little White Lies, Sofia Ilmonen.



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