Alexa King

‘Pink flamingos’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Alexa King / Model: Gabby / Model: India Love
Pink flamingos: 1/10
Pink flamingos: 2/10
Pink flamingos: 3/10
Pink flamingos: 4/10
Pink flamingos: 5/10
Pink flamingos: 6/10
Pink flamingos: 7/10
Pink flamingos: 8/10
Pink flamingos: 9/10
Pink flamingos: 10/10

Alexa King ‘Pink flamingos’

This is obviously the work of our girl, Alexa King because after the few moments it took me to scroll through it, I felt like I had just finished watching an epic movie & these newfound lesbian housewives definitely just murdered their husbands! Just me? irregardless of the story line, that’s what Alexa’s shoots do. They have you filling in the gaps & begging for the ending & for some reason for me the finale often involves murder.

Sebastien just looked over at me with a super concerned look as I read that out loud.



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