Grant Spanier

‘Piper’s pad’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Grant Spanier / Art director: Grant Spanier / Model: Piper Marie / Model Management: Arquette Agency
Piper’s pad: 1/13
Piper’s pad: 2/13
Piper’s pad: 3/13
Piper’s pad: 4/13
Piper’s pad: 5/13
Piper’s pad: 6/13
Piper’s pad: 7/13
Piper’s pad: 8/13
Piper’s pad: 9/13
Piper’s pad: 10/13
Piper’s pad: 11/13
Piper’s pad: 12/13
Piper’s pad: 13/13

Grant Spanier ‘Piper’s pad’

Shot in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Grant Spainer takes us on a tour into Piper’s vintage world with his latest awesome analogue series.

“Many people, especially in our general visual medium(s), gravitate toward trends — toward the style of the day or the aesthetic of the moment. It’s rare to find someone who is so genuinely a child of a different era. Piper is like, actually a 60’s child. She’s modern vintage, by nature, not because it’s cool. Plus she’s one of my favourite homies to shoot with — so when I saw her new apartment I knew it would be offensive not to create a set in her of-an-era pad. Piper’s pad has serious style.”



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