Nicol Mouton

‘Pitch black’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Nicol Mouton / Model: Ariane Hughes / Model Management: Chadwicks / Make-up Artist: Veronica Fong / Wardrobe: STEFAN/E
Pitch black: 1/6
Pitch black: 2/6
Pitch black: 3/6
Pitch black: 4/6
Pitch black: 5/6
Pitch black: 6/6

Nicol Mouton ‘Pitch black’

Cape Town born, Sydney raised fashion photographer, Nicol Mouton meets Ariane Hughes on a dark, stormy night.

“Makeup was done on a train platform while battling the the wind & rain, & half the shoot was done in pitch blackness using only our phone lights to try work out what we were doing.”



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