Brianna Mancini

‘Pity me pink’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Brianna Mancini / Model: Lisa Wilkerson / Stylist: Brianna Mancini / Make-up Artist: Brianna Mancini / Assistant: Nia Howe / Assistant: Alex Brisson
Pity me pink: 1/9
Pity me pink: 2/9
Pity me pink: 3/9
Pity me pink: 4/9
Pity me pink: 5/9
Pity me pink: 6/9
Pity me pink: 7/9
Pity me pink: 8/9
Pity me pink: 9/9

Brianna Mancini ‘Pity me pink’

Brianna Mancini presents her debut film series made in NYC starring Lisa Wilkerson.

“This series was inspired by the fantasy world that is highly populated by those of us in our late 20s, projecting an image of luxury that we don’t quite fit into yet. The outfit & location changes parade the subtle differences between who we are in public vs. at home, & how easily we burn ourselves trying to broadcast the coolest, most effortless version of ourselves 24/7.”



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