J. Isaac Lopez

‘Play date’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: J. Isaac Lopez / Model: Anastasia Dekinova / Stylist: Anastasia Dekinova
Play date: 1/10
Play date: 2/10
Play date: 3/10
Play date: 4/10
Play date: 5/10
Play date: 6/10
Play date: 7/10
Play date: 8/10
Play date: 9/10
Play date: 10/10

J. Isaac Lopez ‘Play date’

Panama City artist, J. Isaac Lopez feels his life has been dictated by the need to interpret his surroundings. The driving force for his art began with an interest in music that quickly became a visual undertaking. His love for his home became his lens, and an understanding of its culture has driven him to showcase his particular perspective. Today he presents his debut feature. This is ” starring self-styled, Anastasia Dekinova.

“We had to wake up with the first light, to catch the few hours before the sun would turn into a burning monster. Unfortunately, our stylist couldn’t make it that day, so we had to work with what we had. By 10 am we were already drinking coffee & looking over the photos we just took.”



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