Sander Dekker

‘Pocket cam’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Sander Dekker / Model: Jule O'Hara / Model: Hedwig Vervoort
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Sander Dekker ‘Pocket cam’

Sander Dekker is an unconventional photographer with a knack for turning unexpected situations into opportunities & capturing magical moments. For his latest impromptu shooing, the Amsterdam creative met with his awesome friends, Jule O’Hara & Hedwig Vervoort.

“Usually I travel around the world, shooting at locations I have never visited before, meeting the models just before the photo session & working from zero concept. But sometimes a situation will appear when you least expect it. The other night I went to a cultural event in ‘de School Amsterdam’ with Jule. Without knowing, my friend Hedwig had a studio in the building & was preparing her clothing collection for that same event. So we went in for a visit with my pocket cam in hand.”



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