Mümbi O’brien

‘Point & shoot picnic’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Mümbi O’brien / Photographer: Tabatha Thomas / Model: Mümbi O’brien / Model: Tabatha Thomas / Stylist: Mümbi O’brien
Point & shoot picnic: 1/10
Point & shoot picnic: 2/10
Point & shoot picnic: 3/10
Point & shoot picnic: 4/10
Point & shoot picnic: 5/10
Point & shoot picnic: 6/10
Point & shoot picnic: 7/10
Point & shoot picnic: 8/10
Point & shoot picnic: 9/10
Point & shoot picnic: 10/10

Mümbi O’brien ‘Point & shoot picnic’

Tabatha Thomas & Mümbi O’Brien take turns in front of & behind the camera for their awesome debut film series.  This is ‘Point & shoot picnic’.

“I am currently traveling this globe to find myself & some cool thrifted shit along the way, haha. This series was basically just a point & shoot picnic with my lovely Babe Mümbi O’Brien.

We both bring a lot of creativity to the table & get frustrated by photographers only set on the male gaze. We wanted to just hang out & have a good time (wearing her mamas favorite vintage fits) shooting each other how we capture each other’s essence.”



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