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POL from starkie reay on Vimeo.

Starkie Reay & William Sheepskin ‘Pol’

Recent photography graduates/classmates Starkie Reay & William Sheepskin collaborate on a project together before they re-enter the creative world on separate journeys.

“There are places in this world that one can seek to escape the hustle of city life. They are nice places & offer welcome respite from an intense week or even a busy day.

What if one needed a means to escape an intense year? Or multiple years? Would the same places offer similar respite?

Myself & William Sheepskin studied photography together for three years & planned throughout our course to make something together. Gradually being worn down by the stale ideas pushed upon us we never really managed to get round to it, until one day, a week before Will was to leave London. With certain things falling into place, myself & Wiliam figured we might as well see what we could do.

We had decided to shoot the project on 8mm film & incorporate Wiliam’s medium format stills as-well. Regardless of one’s familiarity with the 8mm format, upon viewing, its slow shutter speed & grainy portrayal of the world brings about pangs of nostalgia.

The last element of our escape from university into the wide world outside was location. William & I both decided that our respite from city life would be best portrayed by Richmond Park. We spent a day between there & Waterloo bridge, & the outcome was our short film.



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