Pol Kurucz


by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Pol Kurucz / Stylist: Carolyna Haase / Make-up Artist: Fernando Haddad / Hair: Solange Dias
Politicas: 1/15
Politicas: 2/15
Politicas: 3/15
Politicas: 4/15
Politicas: 5/15
Politicas: 6/15
Politicas: 7/15
Politicas: 8/15
Politicas: 9/15
Politicas: 10/15
Politicas: 11/15
Politicas: 12/15
Politicas: 13/15
Politicas: 14/15
Politicas: 15/15

Pol Kurucz ‘Politicas’

It is a pleasure to introduce a new contributor up here with his first of three series. This is ‘Politicas’ by eccentric fashion, celebrity & fine art photographer, Pol Kurucz.

“‘Politicas’ (non-existent female version of ‘Politicos’, meaning politician in Latin languages) promotes the role of women in politics via provocative scenes in which each “Politica” campaigns in her own, witty way.”

Starring; Júnia Evaristo, Thais Borges, Nicolau, Mariana Mello, Jade Baraldo, Jéssica Beckenkamp, Ana Schimiloski, Giovanna Tamplin, Angela Moreira.

Wardrobe; Marta Reis, Vintage, Apartamento 03, Paulo Tawdr.

#politics #women #feminism #love #spreadlove #vote #stuidio #makeup #colour



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