Aaron Gray


by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Aaron Gray / Model: Maral Yusal / Stylist: Aaron Gray / Wardrobe: Bamba Swim / Wardrobe: Buckley / Accessories: Lack of Color
Poolside: 1/9
Poolside: 2/9
Poolside: 3/9
Poolside: 4/9
Poolside: 5/9
Poolside: 6/9
Poolside: 7/9
Poolside: 8/9
Poolside: 9/9

Aaron Gray ‘Poolside’

Recently Brisbane analogue photographer, Aaron Gray captured a day of solitude & contentment, poolside with Maral Yusal.

“Tucked away in a leafy suburb, a white house stood beside a pool. With a perfect setting for a day of swims, vintage Penthouse reads, juicy Mango goodness, a bag full of film & vino.”



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