Victoria Innocenzi


by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Victoria Innocenzi / Model: Shea Hardy / Make-up Artist: Shea Hardy
Pop: 1/7
Pop: 2/7
Pop: 3/7
Pop: 4/7
Pop: 5/7
Pop: 6/7
Pop: 7/7

Victoria Innocenzi ‘Pop’

Every now & then Victoria Innocenzi can convince innovative make-up artist, Shea Hardy to get in front of her lense.

“A couple days prior to this shoot, shea had posted some polka-dotted eye makeup she did on herself bored at home, so I hit her up to get together & expand on it in my studio space. With Drake’s ‘More Life’ album on repeat in the background, Shea & I played with wardrobe leftovers from previous shoots & the newest colours in her makeup kit.”



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